Bandai Millennium Falcon remodeling. Magnetic levitation and wireless power supply. LED light-emitting

Bandai Millennium Falcon remodeling. Magnetic levitation and wireless power supply. LED light-emitting
Millennium Falcon which is a combination of magnetic levitation device and the wireless power supply

Star Wars mecha, all because it is going to be a similar finish, floating, I tried to to individual with a glowing feature.
The spacecraft of 3D images in EP1 if there is a scene to project from a small device, the thought “I want to do in the model” is the opportunity. But we did not in the plans of the first wireless power supply, and can be difficult to take balance heavy and equipped with a battery, not the battery exchange Toka smart. I mean that the wireless power of if there is that. If applied to other model, you smart model is finish in the cordless.

Manufacturing process and magnetic levitation, I tried to summarize the wireless power supply module.


Manufacturing process

LED, Paint, Weathering

Magnetic levitation and wireless power supply

Pedestal structure, ballast, equipment module
Damage mark is watch a lot overseas site

Appearance, except damage marks normal. Damage marks are attached to the same kind of position as the shooting for Prop using the overseas site.


They were aged to perfection, they had had battle scars and blaster marks, grime and grit.・・・

Screenshotmillennium falcon prop

Express the bullet holes in the Ryuta and pencil

Maybe, the famous hit marks. It was look at the prop, so was vacant 6 Hatsui, to feel that radiates so carefully to the sharpener … moon crater in Ryuta. Sooty the surrounding, scratching the core of a pencil with a cutter, what was powdered, and rubbed with a cotton swab. Hole itself is a straight coat with a pencil. Pencil comes out three-dimensional sense of light is reflected because the metallic tone. The other, also expressed in the same way damage. Raindrop also by pencil powder.

May Sumi input is Ppoku toys in the black

With the black in the corner pocket, out strong contrast with the white body, would like a toy. So, use the Red Brown. It pretty diluted. Gap of the panel to each other is not strictly in the black, so should be the color that the original color was Kage’, we try to not use black in the inking. It’s trouble, we doing to create a color plus a little gray and black to the original color.
ミレニアム-2165 ミレニアム-2164 ミレニアム-2162 ミレニアム-2160 ミレニアム-2167


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